Become an Instructor for ASCE's Live Interactive Web Seminars!

ASCE Continuing Education conducts live, interactive web/teleconference seminars on a wide variety of technical and management topics, and COPRI is eager to start offering courses that are of interest to our members. Live web/teleconference seminars are delivered using the web and the telephone, are one hour in length and address fairly narrow topics. Instructors present their material from their office by making an audio presentation over the phone while showing PowerPoint slides over the web. Advantages of teaching for ASCE/COPRI include prestige, national exposure, monetary compensation and more.

COPRI is looking for instructors to teach technical courses on topics relating to coasts, oceans, ports, and rivers. The "Web Seminar Proposal Packet" gives information and directions to help qualified instructor(s) interested in proposing an ASCE continuing education course. The packet includes background information, seminar proposal worksheet, biographical data information, background questionnaire and PowerPoint presentation requirements. To request a packet or a sample webinar contact Lesa Rair at or 703-295-6370.